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Mountain villa design

To design a mountain villa, get inspired by design tips and ideas and add modern features to your mountain villa to design a wonderful villa.

The features of today’s modern architecture for the mountain villa and signs of natural elements have been noted and welcomed in this design.

Open plans, the use of natural and beautiful materials, the design of exposed elements, a pleasant color palette and landscaping are some of the prominent features that make the design of a villa in the mountains more amazing for you.

Villa design tips for mountainous areas

Mountain villas may make you think of dark colors and small spaces.

But by designing a mountain villa in a modern way, along with observing the principles of modern design in which aesthetic and technical points are observed, you can make the most of the mountain environment.

One of the best ways to enter a natural and relaxing space is to use natural building materials.

This means choosing stone and wood elements in the villa instead of using exterior materials or metal.

By bringing in natural materials such as granite, masonry, and wooden furniture and infrastructure, you turn your villa into a unique, hand-made structure that matches the surrounding elements.

Here are some tips for making and designing it that may inspire you for this purpose.

Interior and exterior design of mountain villa

Unique shape design structure

Large windows with natural light and stunning mountain views are one of the most beautiful aspects of mountain villa design.

The arrangement of the furniture will determine the space of the villa. Let the natural ingredients be what they are.

In other words, a mountain house should look like a mountain and typically include natural materials such as native cut timber and naturally quarried stones that have been left in their natural state.

Douglas fir and oak are used in most of the designs to showcase the natural features and beauty of the mountain villa.

In modern architecture, designers show their work with natural materials.

Modern mountain villa design

Inside, the wooden doors are flat and smooth, giving the audience a modern mountain feeling.

The use of grass in the area outside the villa

In the design of the mountain villa, natural trees, grasses and bushes give a natural and modern feeling to the mountain villa due to their slow and steady growth.

It is also a good choice if the owner of the mountain villa visits the villa in a limited and non-continuous manner.

In this case, pay attention not to use plants that need a lot of water.

In this case, you will not be a captive of watering and paying a lot of attention to these plants.

Ponderosa pines, Douglas firs, white pines and oaks create a special forest cover around the villa.

Neutral color options

By using wood covering on the walls, you will be able to feel solidarity and tenderness with the mountain view.

Neutral and semi-neutral colors such as gray, blackish brown and cream are interesting for the main areas of the villa.

Also, unique colors such as mustard, dark green and cream enliven the design of the mountain villa.

The use of colors in the beautiful design of the mountain villa

By using these colors in the villa, you will be able to reduce the border between being natural and man-made.

The dominant color contrast in the mountain villa design is the classic black and white color scheme.

Soft and natural colors are mostly used in interior design because it is simple and elegant and at the same time it does not lose its warmth and modernity.

The special design of the mountain villa

This mountain villa design was done for a villa in the foothills of Taiwan.

In this design, the use of floors is planned according to the architectural conditions and matched with the mountain and the surrounding natural environment.

From the garage to the open space of the attic, each one shows different scenarios of using technical and aesthetic points in different floors.

Garage design for a mountain villa

In this design, the garage is not only a place for car storage, but also an element of futuristic design.

The use of metal, iron and glass is mixed with the natural texture of stone and tile, which collides with different textures and temperatures of materials.

The arrangement of light in simple and smooth lines reflects the garage space well. By reflecting the light uniformly, the appearance of the car will be like a work of art.

The creation of natural scenes in the villa, the creation of atmosphere and even the conflicts between materials, show the master’s skill with elegance.

The stone collage, the set of copper columns, the hand-painted wooden layers and handicrafts will double the sense of solidity and the exterior beauty of the villa.

The attic is cleverly designed and allows for a comfortable resting place in this room.

It can also convey the attitude of life to the audience with elegance.

An example of white design and wood design for a mountain villa

The geometric and simple form of the building and the beautiful interior design are the main characteristics of the design of the mountain villa.

However, for this project, it should be said that all the interior spaces are in such a way that the views are towards the most beautiful and interesting points of the surrounding mountains and the horizon gives a beautiful view to the viewer.

Villa design above ground level

This building is partially built above the ground level, which protects it from seasonal floods.

In choosing the angle of the roof, the type of roof tile and also the materials used in the facade, it is necessary to ensure that the technical and engineering points for the design of mountain villas are observed.

The living room, which forms the central part of the house, should lead to a wooden terrace.

The living room is the heart of the villa, which is surrounded by two walls on its side and should face the main view of the mountains around the villa.

The main living room of the villa leads to the mountain view

Large glass windows, both inside and outside the villa, allow natural light to enter the building and reduce the use of artificial light.


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