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Structure plan is one of the first stages of designing a building.

that all people in the design group, such as accountants, architects, facility engineers, etc., must agree on a structural system that provides their desired operational and safety conditions.

The structure plan is one of the most important steps that determines the type of our structure in terms of concrete or metal, the amount of materials and materials used, including the costs, becomes clear for us.

Also, taking into account the area and necessary investigations, the size of different types of places in the structure such as bedroom, kitchen, service, etc. will be determined.

The group of Sazeh campus engineers, relying on their experience, technical and management knowledge, relying on skilled and skilled engineers in the matter of structural design and analysis, who are proficient in all municipal regulations, designed all kinds of structures using high-quality materials and materials. , is ready to provide all kinds of construction services to you dear ones.

What conditions should we consider to design the structure plan?

To design the structure map, the accuracy and quality of the work should be considered in the first stage. In the first step of designing the structure plan, the requests and needs of the employer must be taken into account by the contractor.

and provide a plan according to current knowledge to the employer.

The second important step in designing a structure map is the appropriate cost of the project.

The contractor must start the design according to the employer’s budget and submit it to the employer. The economical design and considering the appropriate cost for designing the structure plan are among the things that must be taken into consideration.

Among the other things that should be paid much attention to when designing the structure map is the high speed of action and spending the least amount of time for the design and implementation of the structure.

You can ask them all the mentioned items with ease by taking the help of the excellent engineers of Pardis Sazeh Engineers Group.

And don’t doubt that this group is trying to provide you its best services.

What items are presented to the employer in the design of the structure plan (concrete and metal)?

The engineers of Pardis Sazeh Group are always trying to design and build a perfect work for you, as per your wishes.

In this section, we would like to explain to you the items that must be presented to you by the engineers of this group for metal or concrete structures.

In the matter of designing a concrete structure map, drawing items such as beams and columns must be presented to you in full detail.

After that, it is time to list the quantities of materials. In the list of material quantities, the amount of concrete used should be calculated, and rebar cutting orders should be made with the smallest amount.

Now it’s time to design the metal structure plan. Software is used to design the metal structure map.

In this section, the drawings of beams, columns and windbreaks should be clearly defined.

Listofer (list of materials used) sections, which include the length and weight of profiles and reinforcing sheets for different floors, must be provided by the contractor to the employer.

Why ask for help from Sazeh campus engineers to design your structure plan?

One of the advantages of entrusting the work to Sazeh Campus Engineers Group is saving time and all costs. Because this group, by having designers who are experts in construction, and by using modern software, they help to speed up the design process compared to manual work.

Also, by providing a variety of prices for a variety of materials and materials, they give you a specific plan to buy materials and materials according to your budget.

Among the other advantages of cooperation with Sazeh campus engineers group, we can mention the minimization of human errors such as contractor errors and software calculation error warnings.

The group of Sazeh campus engineers is trying to bring you a way to minimize the use of materials by providing detailed tables that fully comply with the standards.

You can benefit from the free consultation of the consultants and engineers of this group in digging, stabilizing and strengthening it.

So, if you are planning to build your own building and you have not yet started to design your structure plan, we suggest you to use the free consultation of Pardis Sazeh Engineers Group.

How can we get advice from Sazeh Campus Engineers Group?

By referring to the site of Sazeh Campus Engineers Group, in addition to registering your request along with your contact number, you can visit other samples of this group’s work.

Also, there is a price list of all kinds of materials available on the site, which you can also check.

Among the other services of Pardis Sazeh Engineers Group, we can mention construction services, carpentry, stiffening, decoration, structural plan design, restoration and renovation, etc. So, you can easily entrust all your construction work from zero to hundred to this experienced group.

After registering your request on the site, wait for the contact of the consultants of Sazeh Campus Engineers Group, so that they can determine a time as soon as possible to review and examine the location and your request.



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