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plan design

Plan design is the first step in starting the construction of a residential or office building

plan design

that according to the use of that building, different areas should be considered in plan design.

If you want to build your own building, you should keep in mind that the design of the plan is a first and important step that should be conceptualized and designed by the architect. The group of Sazeh campus engineers have made it easy for you to design the plan by having architects who are skilled in this matter.

They also provide you with different types of materials so that you can choose the material you want according to your budget.

For a unique and perfect design, first of all, we need to know how the building works. Because the design of each building is different from another.

Placement of stairs and elevator service in plan design is absolutely necessary. The location of the stair and elevator service depends on factors such as the width and shape of the land, the number on each floor, the number of parking spaces required on the same floor and underground, etc.

After examining these factors, we must decide on the shape of the staircase, which is four-sided, three-sided or two-sided.

There is no special rule for the placement of stairs and elevators.

But the best location of stairs and elevator in the plan design is in the middle of the building. Choosing the most suitable possible place for stair and elevator service placement in the plan design has a direct impact on the quality of other parts of the building.

For example, it can affect the facade of the building or the quality of the interior spaces of the architectural plan of the floors.

Separation of public and private spaces in plan design

The residential building includes private, semi-private and public spaces. These spaces should be separated or built close to each other depending on their function.

For example, the family kitchen and dining room are part of the family life and private spaces. which needs to have a calm and intimate atmosphere.

The private life area also includes the bedroom of parents, children and study room.

This part of the house in the plan design should not be deprived of its peace while it is connected with the living room.

From other fields, we can mention the field of services and support.

In the plan design, services such as parking, storage, underground, laundry house and motor house are considered close to each other.

These elements benefit from appropriate mechanical and electrical related systems.

What is the arena?

A number of compatible spaces and actions that are interdependent and are planned and located in a specific part of the map are called arenas.

In the design of the plan, attention should be paid to the placement of the mentioned areas so that the building has a suitable function for its residents.

that the location of different fields is determined according to the beliefs, culture, customs, etc. of that climate and region.

The expert engineers of Fardis Sazeh Group will help you in this matter so that you can have the most perfect plan design and enjoy the perfect space and environment after construction.

Why ask Sazeh Campus engineers for help in designing the plan?

Plan design is the most important step and the first step in the construction of a building. Considering the high sensitivity of plan design in building construction, it should be done by a person or persons who know how to do this.

In addition, Pardis Sazeh Engineers Group has been able to provide services at the lowest price to our esteemed customers by eliminating middlemen.

It also estimates all possible costs for you so that you can make the best choice based on your budget

For your convenience, Pardis Sazeh Engineers Group has provided you with a website that you can refer to and register a request with your contact number, and wait for the call of experts and engineers to guide you with free advice. To satisfy you.

After Sazeh Campus contacts you, a time will be arranged for you to visit the project and consult in person.

If you are satisfied with the design or even if the design needs to be changed according to your needs, the construction campus engineers will inform you of the start date.

You can also refer to the site to see other services of Pardis Sazeh Engineers Group and register your request if needed.

Among other advantages of Pardis Sazeh engineers group, it can be mentioned that they provide the best possible services with different types of materials for their customers.

So don’t doubt that whatever budget you have, you won’t come back unsatisfied and empty-handed by visiting Sazeh Campus.

This engineering group has gathered all kinds of materials with different prices for you so that you can easily choose.

If you have decided to build your building now, contact the Pardis Sazeh engineers group without delay or register your request on the site to benefit from the consultants’ advice as soon as possible.

It should be mentioned that the group of Sazeh Campus Engineers can provide other construction services such as carpentry, stiffening, decoration, etc. for respected customers along with work samples. And you can easily entrust the construction and design of your building or workplace to the excellent engineers and designers of Pardis Sazeh Engineering Group.


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