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Design the interior decoration of your home and company with Pardis Sazeh

Decoration design is one of the items and points that must be observed in the arrangement of the home and work environment. Because every person enters our home or work environment, the first thing he pays attention to is the decoration and its equipment, including furniture, dining table, chandeliers, all kinds of paintings, etc.

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The group of reconstruction, renovation and design specialists of Sazeh campus, using the world-class knowledge, after examining the structure, area, condition and surrounding environment of the building, and of course, according to your taste and needs, by providing the best solutions, will help you to benefit from all The potential and capacity of the house helps.

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Cost of 3D model of a house or building

The cost of a 3D model of a house or building can vary depending on various factors. The complexity and size of the project, as well as the level of…

Design and Drafting Fees for Building Projects

Design and Drafting Design and drafting fees for building projects plays a crucial role in ensuring the successful completion of any construction venture. These fees encompass the specialized expertise, time,…

Mountain villa design

To design a mountain villa, get inspired by design tips and ideas and add modern features to your mountain villa to design a wonderful villa. The features of today’s modern…

Structure map

Structure plan is one of the first stages of designing a building. that all people in the design group, such as accountants, architects, facility engineers, etc., must agree on a…

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